ILISO has more than 180 professional staff in South Africa and 50 staff in regional offices in Africa, it has carried out more than 300 major projects since its inception with total project value of more than USD 152 million.


ILISO Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a South African based Consulting Engineering and Project Management Company with offices in the major towns and cities in the country. It has a resource base of over 180 professional, technical and support staff. ILISO Consulting (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest black owned and managed multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firms in South Africa.

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Scope of the Assignment:
a) Comprehensive review of the first edition of the water supply design manual in order to identify and address the gaps and errors in the      manual;
b) Detailed literature review of relevant text books and water supply design;
c) Collect relevant data and information from different organizations and stakeholders, such as, National Water and Sewerage Corporation     [NWSC], Non-Governmental Organisations [NGOs] in the water sector, consulting firms with experience in the Ugandan water sector,     etc.; and
d) Collect and analyse performance data from at least 15 water supply systems that have operational for at least 8 years; sampled from the   four [in full ]WSDFs Including diverse technologies.

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Scope of the assignment:

a) Review and appreciate of the design parameters and principles behind the newly completed BADEA funded project in which major components of the Soroti water supply system were refurbished measures and scope, and the baseline data and demand figures used in the design of the completed project, among others;
b) Assess the suitability of the Awoja catchment as a raw water source and identify the most suitable abstraction location within the catchment for raw water abstraction;
c) Undertake an independent data collection and analysis exercise, covering the following key parameters among others: existing site/ground conditions, historic water levels and availability, bathymetry, climatic conditions, sediment transport, environmental regulations, constructability, and operation and maintenance requirements;
d) Undertake feasibility studies based on the possible technical options, taking into consideration the collected data and socio-economic aspects of the Soroti water supply system extent and propose technically feasible and economically sustainable options;
e) Prepare detailed engineering designs of the agreed option, together with engineering drawings and detailed cost estimates;
f) Prepare tender documents for the subsequent construction works;
g) Prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Study;
h) Participate in the tendering process, including evaluation and recommendation for contract award; and
i) Construction supervision, together with supervision during the Defects Liability Period.

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